Canine Health – Are You Eating Fromm Wet Dog Food?

Canine Health – Are You Eating Fromm Wet Dog Food?

Canine Health – Are You Eating Fromm Wet Dog Food?

The German dog food brand, Fromm has recalled some of its dog food products. The company produces pet food sold under different brands like Purina One and Purina Pro Plan. The company also produces dry food under the same brand.

fromm wet dog food

The wet dog food recall is caused by the ingredients used in the dog’s food. Some of the ingredients contained in the recalled foods were salmonella, campylobacter, listeria, E. coli, salmonella typhi, E. coli, and other bacteria. Since the contamination occurred after they removed some of the salmonella from their formulas, some of the recalled dog food products can still be used. But you should avoid feeding your dog any of these dog food products.

If you are concerned about the recalled products, there are a couple of ways to check the safety level of the recalled product. You can find the product number on the label, but you can also visit the official website. You can find the products sold as Fromm Gold, Fromm Family Gold, and Fromm Platinum.

If you want to buy any of the recalled wet dog food, you should make sure that it is from the Fromm food variety pack. These products are made from the best ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives. This ensures that all the bacteria found in the original Fromm dog food are removed and replaced with something more benign.

The recall of wet dog food is not only affecting the pet dogs’ health but also other animal’s. They can cause severe problems to the human beings. The people can get sick if they come into contact with the contaminated food. This will lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.

The recalled wet dog food was manufactured in the year 2020. The ingredients of the products from this time period have been changed and they are tested to ensure that they do not cause diseases.

The reason behind the recall of Fromm Wet Dog Food is that they have recently changed the formula of their dog food. The new formula does not contain anything that causes health risks to the pets.

People who have recently fed their dogs from the recalled products should immediately throw the contaminated food away. You should not give your pet any of the recalled products for at least a week. It is also very important for you to call the authorities as soon as possible about the recalled dog food because this situation may become more serious if the contamination is allowed to remain untreated.

The recall of Fromm Wet Dog Food has come about because of the contamination of its ingredients. The contaminated food contained Salmonella typhimurium, E. coli typhi, and campylobacter coli.

Salmonella typhimurium is a bacterium that can cause diarrhea and vomiting in humans. Salmonella typhi is a pathogen that causes serious gastrointestinal infections. Campylobacter coli is a bacterium that causes diarrhea.

From the moment that you notice any of these symptoms, it is important for you to consult your veterinarian immediately. Otherwise, you will be risking serious illness to your dog. Even the slightest symptom of illness can result in death if it is not treated immediately.

In addition to the mentioned two pathogens, from the time that you feed your dog from the recalled wet dog food, there is a high probability that your dog can contract Campylobacteriosis. This is an intestinal infection that is caused by the bacteria. It is very hard to diagnose in dogs, and if left untreated, it can kill your dog.

There is no reason for you to worry though because the symptoms of Campylobacteriosis can be mild to severe. If your dog comes into contact with contaminated food, you can pass on the disease to him/her through your mouth or eyes.

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