Iams Wet Dog Food Recalls – Are You Worried?

Iams Wet Dog Food Recalls – Are You Worried?

Iams Wet Dog Food Recalls – Are You Worried?

There’s been an unfortunate number of recalls and recall reports lately on the Iams wet dog food line, and a few recalls have come to light which may be connected to a brand name we’re all familiar with. Iams Wet Dog Food recall reports are on the rise since Iams first introduced their line of dry dog food in the early 1990s. It seems as though when there was a recall on a popular brand name, Iams wasn’t as fast to act to keep people’s mouths at ease. In this I Am A Healthy Pet review, I’ll be examining what went on, and whether or not the recall was just one more black eye in the long list of Iams problems.

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The Iams Wet Dog Food recall has been linked to the ingredient E9, which is an artificial preservative known to cause cancer and other health problems. The FDA has taken the step of banning E9 from all new pet food recalls for as long as five years and has also ordered Iams to remove it from all of their current pet food products. While the company has stated that they won’t be removing E9 from their dry dog food line, it seems that all of their other pet food products will be affected.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that Iams is perfect. I know they make great quality food, and that they have made a lot of dog owners very happy with the products they create. However, I think a lot of the complaints about Iams are overblown. I know that when I purchased Iams I did experience some complaints from my vet, but I thought those were normal complaints that come with any product you purchase.

I do believe that the majority of the complaints coming out about Iams Wet Dog Food are coming from consumers who aren’t happy with the product. These complainants don’t seem to understand that the dry dog food is supposed to be a healthy food for your dog. So they find fault with the ingredients, the packaging, the ingredients themselves, or even the way it’s packaged and shipped.

However, I do feel like Iams has taken steps to remedy these issues by creating a better line of products, including their Healthy Choice line. Now there is a product line designed for both dogs and cats, and even a supplement designed to help you get your cat and dog in tip top shape.

I’m sure that many people are concerned about the safety of their dog’s food, and if I’m Wet Dog Food is a problem, then they’re probably right to worry about that. The company has done a great job in keeping their products as safe as possible. They are required to display a complete list of ingredients in their packaging and you can look at that list to see what is in each of their foods, which should be easy to find.

You can trust that Iams Wet Dog Food is providing the same ingredients that our pets need in order to live a long, healthy, happy life. And even though they’ve had some bad news lately, they’re still one of the best companies for dry dog food available. There are many dog owners who prefer Iams food to other brands because of the variety and because they’ve kept their prices low, too. Even with the news about Iams Wet Dog Food recalls, it seems that their sales are growing each and every month.

Just remember that you still have a few options out there when it comes to dry dog food. If you want to buy dry dog food and stay away from Iams Wet Dog Food, then it’s important that you do your due diligence before purchasing and read through the details of the labels thoroughly before making a purchase.

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